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Compozr Security for Your Files

All Compozr Uploads are Encrypted

Compozr File Security

Your information is as safe as we can make it.

All files you upload to Compozr are encrypted on their way up.

Once they are uploaded all files are stored in a super secure encrypted format called AES (see more about this below). This system uses a unique private key that is assigned to you as a Compozr user.

Your private key will look something like this:


AES Encryption

Compozr uses AES as its encryption engine.

At the current time, AES or Advanced Encryption Standard is regarded as the most secure publicly available encryption system. It works using a public and private key pair (like the example above) which together lock and unlock your files. Technically, AES is called a symmetrical cypher system, which was originally names Rijndael after its two initial developers.

US Government Adoption of AES

The US government believes in the security of AES and has adopted it as its default encryption scheme. It also has widespread use around the word, overtaking the previous standard called DES.

Compozr Encryption Process

Files are encrypted as they are uploaded and are stored in their encrypted state.

When required for processing, files are unencrypted using your unique private key. As soon as processing is complete, the files are restored to their encrypted state.

Compozr Binder

The file version of your work, which is shared as a PDF Binder is not encrypted, because it needs to be shared. However there are multiple security settings, which can be applied to Binders. You can read more about that here.


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