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Compozr Enters Open Beta

Reliable Document Assembly and Distribution

The distribution of a collection of related documents remains a daily headache for digital workers.

Packs of documents assembled for projects, product catalogs, albums and other submissions, remain difficult to distribute reliably despite the plethora of digital communication channels available. Issues that have to be overcome, include reliable distribution channels, receipt errors and document security.

Compozr makes it easy to compile an assembly of various document types into a secure, distribution ready PDF. The distributable PDF, called a compozition, contains all the related documents as well as a detailed, clickable index and a custom cover page.  During compilation, the index can be edited and documents can be shortened, repositioned and moved. The completed PDF can be distributed either as a download or otherwise cloud hosted for viewing.

Compozr in Open Beta

While the long-term plan is to market Compozr as a professional document assembler and compiler, the initial release has been made available as an open beta. Beta users have between March and April to test system. The Beta program will end at the beginning of May 2020.

The platform can be accessed here: Compozr App

Read the full press release here:

Compozr PDF Document Builder Open Beta Release


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