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Binder, Bundle, Collection or whatever?

Over the past 6 months, Syncrony has been slaving away on a secret private project. The Compozr project grew out of a 'what if' fantasy we had one day.

'What if we could abstract the PDF handling capability out of BoardCloud?' we asked. (BoardCloud is our board pack management system).

'It would be amazing!' said Alex, always enthusiastic about new projects. 'So many people will love its functionality'.

We all agreed that Alex was spot-on. As a standalone system it would become available to a far wider audience.

So, we grabbed a notepad (real) and defined the new system’s functionality set as:

The ability to bind a folder structure containing documents and images into a single distributable PDF, with a beautiful cover and a clickable table of contents.

All of the above must be possible with the minimum human intervention except for final editing of the table of contents to:

  • make document names more friendly
  • to prune or shorten included PDFs if necessary
  • to rearrange structure
  • allow all the above to be editable and expandable
Binder for e-documents

Binder for e-documents



Naming Compozr

Almost from the start, when the germ of the idea to create a system like Compozr was first mooted during a busy day at the Syncrony digital salt mines, what to call the work of Compozr has been an issue.

Deciding on the name Compozr was simple by comparison. This was settled in typical Syncrony style, which is a mangled version of the classical development SCRUM. Interested parties gathered or swung their chairs to face the discussion, a few possible names were mooted and viola, Compozr was born.

Our moniker ‘Compozr’ was chosen, in ignorance of the market it would have to face; the level of SEO competition for its keywords and at that stage a clear definition of its final feature set.

What was clear, was that there were virtually no direct competitors that provided functionality similar to the feature set we envisaged.

What to call Compozr’s Output?

Once we had settled on the name Compozr, a larger battle awaited us, what to call Compozr’s final output document. Since this output was in PDF format, we started by doing some deep SEO dives, that attempted to map the competitive landscape.

This ‘simple’ task turned out to be an undertaking that would be costly in terms of time and effort. At the time of writing this, we have so far spent almost 6-months on the task, almost as many calendar weeks as the development took!

Like everything in IT, it’s harder than it looks. For example, there is a lively online market for PDF merge tools, which has a monthly AdWords spend approaching $1.5 million. Quite obviously not a space where a small development house like Syncrony can compete.


The term compozition was a straight derivation from Compozr’s name.

Although it’s a little long, the name was adopted initially despite some reservations. But as the development proceeded, it became more unwieldy and our SEO boffin was dead against a term with zero marketing competition.

So, we kept kicking names around, chewing at the various options that would arise from time-to-time.


When everyone came back at the start of the new year, we had another burst of frustration at the compozition name. Some heated discussion, fuelled no doubt by too much time off-work, ensued, before a new name surfaced.

‘Why not Collection?’ someone asked.

Why not indeed. So, we scrambled off to find and replace ‘Composzition’ with ‘Collection’.

And you what? After a few days, the push back started.

‘It’s too long,’ said Paige our Designer Ninja.

‘There are more that 13-billion pages with ‘collection’ indexed in Google,’ said Alex our SEO Guy, ‘They will never find us.’

So, we started to look around again.


Then, by some miracle of Google’s search algorithm, I stumbled on the Bundle Market. In search terms, it was a long way away from our 'PDF merge and distribute' space. So far in fact, that it took 3-months of Google searches during my research to surface.

And thus, our new name became ‘Bundles’. For a while…


Bundles, nagged at me for weeks.

The problem with ‘Bundles’ was its specificity. In terms of keyword searches, it ring-fenced our search radius to the legal profession. It seems that the accepted term for a pile of papers that relate to a specific legal matter is ‘bundle’.

And to make matters worse, more research showed that the term was poorly accepted in the USA and countries loosely bound to the UK system of law.

So, itwas back to the drawing board.

Finally, we settled on the word Binders to describe Compozr’s works.

In the brick-and-mortar world of documents, there exist binders in various forms. In this real-world, the term binder defines a holder for a stack of documents, which is exactly what Compozr does in the online-world!

For now, we will stick to a ‘Binder’ as the envelope that wraps your bundle of documents. If this ever changes, we will let you know, as soon as we have visited the tattoo parlour to have the word ‘Binders’ on various body parts,  redone in strikethrough font!

BTW: On the website, the APP and in our documentation, we will refer to binder, bundle and collection interchangeably, please bear with us. We mean BINDER...

Binder clips

Binder clips


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