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Use-Case: Designing a Useful SEO Report with Compozr

A packaged PDF SEO Report using Compozr

Read how we use Compozr to bundle our monthly search engine (SEO) status report into a single compressed PDF.The report along with a pile of supporting documents, a complete table of contents with internal links is ready to be emailed to customers; who are delighted to receive a consolidated SEO report.

Besides building the Compozr, Syncrony also has a division that does search engine optimization (SEO).

The monthly SEO report we provide our customers was due for a refresh, so Alex our SEO boffin was tasked with redoing it. Our CEO suggested that Alex should use our new Compozr ZIP to PDF tool to produce the final report.

This is what happened…

How Compozr Works

Compozr creates a single PDF Compozition that mirrors a folder structure and its documents.

The PDF Compozition can also have a cover and a clickable table of contents (TOC). Bookmarks inside documents that form part of the Compozition can be merged into the table of contents. (See example later in this post)

Alex’s SEO Report Structure

When Alex was finished designing his report, it comprised of a root folder and two subfolders. In all, there were five documents in the report.

The structure looked like this:

Why We Need Compozr

Its all very well creating the report and the systems around it to produce it efficiently every month-end, the real issue comes down to distribution.  

We needed a system that would give our customers 1-click access to the report and all its supporting documents.

We had some distribution options, we could:

  • Email the SEO Report PDF and embed links to the supporting documents (which would be hosted on our website)

[Nice idea but the report would only work for customers who were online]

  • Zip the entire structure; then email the zip file with instructions on how to unzip the contents and view the report

[A non-starter; some mail systems will block zipped attachments; some customers are technically unable to extract the files correctly]

  • Use an online PDF merge tool to combine the various documents into a single PDF.

[A poor option because it required Alex to manually edit the merged PDF to insert links and bookmarks. Also, some of our customers would be unhappy having their website stats uploaded to an insecure public website.]

  • Or, we could use Compozr!

Using Compozr to create a beautiful SEO Report Book

The process was super simple:

  • Zip the entire Nov SEO report folder
  • Log in to compoZr
  • Create a new Compozition and upload the Nov SEO zip into it
  • Distribute the merged PDF book to the customer

The finished PDF is less than 2MB in size and its table of contents looks like this:


  • All links in the TOC are clickable, so users can read the report and click around as they need.
  • The original Google Analytics reports containing all source data a available at a click:


  • The Help section shows a full index to the glossary and definition of terms, which were part of the original help document.
  • The help document is a single PDF with some bookmarks to the various definitions it contains. It was originally compiled in MS Word with embedded bookmarks. Then it was saved as a PDF in Word using the option to keep embedded bookmarks.


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