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Use-Case: A Quick Medical Report on the Triglyceride-HDL Cholesterol Ratio

Sample Compozition Report on the Triglyceride/HDL Ratio

A young medical student was tasked with compiling an quick report on the value of the TG/HDL ratio. She was given just the evening to prepare the report as it would have to be handed in by 09:00 the next day.

She spent some time searching and cherry picking research articles that helped her to write the summary of her findings.

These documents as well as her report was stored in a structured way, like this:

She had all the documents neatly arranged within the structure above.

Now what she needed was a way to scoop up structure and content and deliver it to her med. school tutor's email box.

She first considered zipping the whole bundle and sending it but that still left the issue of listing and linking the documents.

Which is where Compozr came in!

In less than 5 minutes, she had created an account, uploaded her zip and cover page and downloaded her Compozition. When she looked at it, she had  a small, a single PDF file to email to her tutor. It had an auto generated table of contents with links to all her documents.

She was delighted!

You can take a look at her report: Click Here


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