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Compozr Open Beta Registration

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  • FREE USE of the fully functional system during the beta period
  • AND get FREE SUPPORT for the beta period 

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Please read the Terms & Conditions below.

Terms & Conditions

Your Personal Data

We will not use distribute or share your email address or any user data in any way whatsoever.

Your Uploaded Data

  • Uploaded user data may be deleted at any stage
  • Syncrony Digital is not required to inform you in advance should any data deletion operations become necessary. However, whenever possible, prior to any data deletions, we will endeavor to give you 24-hours’ notice via email to your registered email address of any planned data cleaning operations we may undertake
  • Syncrony Digital assumes no liability for loss of data or any loss due to the use of compoZr
  • Syncrony Digital reserves the right to withhold or to remove your account and your data at any time, without prior notification

By registering a beta Compozr account you accept and agree that:

  • You may not use Compozr for any illegal or illicit purposes
  • You may not reverse engineer Compozr or its functions
  • Your acceptance of these terms means that any breach of these terms may result in litigation

Beta Period

Compozr is available as an open beta for from 1st Feb 2020 until 31st March 2020.

Register Your Free Compozr Account

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