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Merge and Combine

Merge Word docs, images and PDFs into a bound and bookmarked Binder. Include entire PDFs or selected pages.


PDF Binders and Bundles

Your document packs combined into a single shareable PDF with custom cover and clickable table of contents.

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PDF Distribution Cloud

Host your documents securely in our Cloud (or yours), with durable PermaLinks that always reflect the latest version of your content.


Your PDF Publication

Make beautiful bound publications for distribution or download.

A Binder is a single PDF document that has been compiled from any number of PDF documents into a single PDF publication with an optional cover page and a structured table of contents.

  • custom cover as a PDF or image
  • editable multi-level Table of Contents
  • trim merged PDFs by selecting individual pages
  • create multi-level document trees

More about Merging PDFs and other files



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Binders and Bundles

Your document stack will be assembled into a pack that can be distributed as a single PDF. Besides a complete table of contents, your binder can also have:

Custom cover and Bookmarks

Your Table of Contents is automatically created, with bookmarks to your chapters, sections and sub-documents. Internal bookmarks already present in your documents are also added.

More about Bookmarks and Editing.

Your PDF Cloud

Your Bundles in the Cloud

Imagine your own cloud for securely sharing your catalogs, legal bundles and other document stacks? Compozr is the answer. Share permanent links to your document bundles. Secure your documents to prevent cut and paste, printing and opening by unauthorized individuals. 

More Features and Technical Info

Upload and Merge PDFs

Compile a multi-level merged PDF in one click by uploading a zip file.

Structure your MS-Word docs, image libraries and PDF documents in a folder tree, then zip the lot and upload. Compozr will unzip your document tree into a single multi-level PDF that preserves your full folder structure with their associated documents.

Then you can edit your table of contents. Move sections and individual documents around. You can also add sections and documents if you need to.





Your Uploads are Safe!

Ever wondered if files you upload to a free online service are really deleted as promised?

What if one of your private files started coming up in Google searches?

When you upload to Compozr you can be confident that you data will always be safe. 

Uploads are encrypted against your private key, so that no one, including our human operators can read your files.





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