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Board Packs


Compozr originated as one of the features of BoardCloud, our Board Pack creation software.

BoardCloud has been in development since 2010. The system included the ability to merge a series of disparate documents and reports into a single, securely distributable PDF document. The primary aim of the system was to replace the gargantuan piles of bound documents presented to each board member ahead of board meetings.

Board Packet Distribution

Users of the system are company secretaries, who collate and distribute board packs. They routinely wade through a torrent of attachments and transferred files to produce a final indexed document that incorporates all relevant content they received. Not an easy task.

The file merge and prune capability of our software made the task significantly easier.
And more environmentally friendly since no wasteful copies had to be printed out.

Enter Compozr

Some of the BoardCloud users said that they loved the functionality of the document combine facility and would be excited to use it for other file organizing and reporting tasks.

 Thus was born the idea of the Compozr. A stand alone PDF document builder that could be used by anyone who needed document composition and compiling to create distributable reports.

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