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Create New Binder

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The new binder option allows you to add files to your binder.

The New Binder screen intentionally presents few options. Either upload files to populate the new binder or exit back to the Dashboard. 

Uploading Files

There are four specific ways to add files to a new binder. All or any can be used at any time. Upload options are:

1) Browse your computer's files


2) Drag and drop files onto the APP's surface


3) Add a ZIP file

This option allows you to upload many files at once. The files in the compressed zip archive can be structured or categorised using folders.

The example below shows the folder structure in a sample ZIP. There are multiple folder levels each of which holds various files. Only the ZIP need be imported. Compozr will explode the ZIP and mirror the ZIP's structure.

The binder's index will also mirror the ZIP's structure.

Sample ZIP archive contents

This process is described in more detail here: Uploading ZIP Files




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