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Here is a quick walk through showing how to create a simple Compozr bundle.

To start let’s imagine that you have a project of some kind to prepare.

Your project needs to be handed in via email or an emailed link.


  1. Duplicate the report’s simple structure with:
    • your report at the top level
    • with your supporting documents in folders below
  2. Add a cover page of your own design
  3. \Automatically create a Table of Contents with links to the documents

Putting It All Together

We now can use Compozr to stitch the whole structure into a single PDF that will fulfill the requirements above.

STEP 1: ZIP the folder structure

Here’s what the structure looks like:

Sample folder structure to merge into a PDF compoZition

All you need to do is to right click on the top folder to send the contents to a compressed ZIP file.

Like this:

How to ZIP or compress a folder and its contents


Create your ZIP: Highlight the folder, hover over Send to and select Compressed (zipped) folder.

STEP 2: Upload Your ZIP to Compozr

Next, open a browser window in Chrome, Firefox, IE etc. and navigate to

If you don’t yet have a Compozr account, create one quickly by click on Create an account in the lower part of the Compozr login screen. Once you have clicked Create you will be presented with the User Account Registration screen (Click here to see what it looks like, if you need to)



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