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Edit Binder

Binder Edit Screen

Clicking on a binder from the Binder Dashboard will open a screen similar to the example on the right.

There are a number of available options:

  • Left Navigation Bar
  • Top File Upload Bar
  • Main Document index
Edit binder screen

Edit binder screen

Edit Binder Left Nav Options

Edit Binder Left Nav Options

Left Navigation Bar

The two most commonly used buttons are slightly larger than the buttons below them to make them more obvious and easier to access.


When clicked, the preview button will open a new browser tab, with a preview window containing the current binder and its contents.


 The download button, will download the current binder PDF to your computer.

Add Section

In Compozr, a 'section' is a new document level in the binder.

Each section has additional functions:

  • Click on the folder icon to Open/Close the section's contents
  • Click the upload icon to load more files directly into the section
  • Click on the section name to edit it, then press enter to save your changes

Section Edit Functions



Sharing document function page


Advanced binder functionality options page



Upload Files Option Bar

Upload Files Option Bar

Top File Upload Bar

Drop Files Anywhere

The entire binder surface panel is active for files dragged onto it from file explorers.

Files dropped onto the binder surface are added to the top (root) level of the binder. They can then be dragged into existing sections or added to a new section.

Upload file window

Upload file window

Click Here to Browse

Clicking on this area of the file upload bar, will open up a file browse window, to allow you to browse for files on your computer. 

Dropbox File Uploader

You can connect your binders to Dropbox. The first time you connect to Dropbox, a dialog box similar to the one on the right will appear. It will present multiple options to authenticate access to files stored on Dropbox.

Once you have successfully authenticated, the normal Dropbox folder and file selection screen will appear. You will then be able to select one or more files to add to your binder. 

Dropbox file access

Dropbox file access

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