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compoZr by Syncrony Digital

Syncrony is a Johannesburg South Africa based custom software house that has been operating since 1999. 

Over the past 20-years we have produced a wide range of websites, mobile apps and web based custom solutions., based on Microsoft and LINUX platforms. 

In this time, we have worked with corporates and government related institutions in South Africa and other African countries. In addition, we have worked internationally in Europe, USA, UK and Australia. International organizations we have worked with include: Pepsico, YUM Foods International and Fedex.

compoZr History

This project grew out of BoardCloud, Syncrony's board book (pack) creator for company board meetings.

BoardCloud saves trees by replacing reams of paper used to photocopy the packs of documents given to company directors ahead of board meetings. Its primary function is to produce a new PDF document that contains all the documents,  reports and figures necessary for board members to read before board meetings.

Once we realised that our experience in producing the slick, solid PDF compilation capability found in BoardCloud would have appeal outside of the the board room, we started to develop compoZr.

compoZr Technically

compoZr represents a move away from the DotNetNuke CMS system that underpins BoardCloud. 

We rebuilt the PDF functionality in .Net Core to future-proof compoZr for at least the next 5-years.

The rebuild was a difficult job, but we think the result is worth the effort.

Tell us what you think! 

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