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Bundle and Distribute Stacks of Documents

PDF Document Binder

how compozr works

Wrap a pack of documents in a secure PDF Binder and Share it in the Cloud.

select files

Select your files
Choose PDFs, MSWord docs and images to bind together.


Arrange Your Index
Order, section and edit titles for your clickable index.


Distribute permanent links and downloads to your protected PDF binder.

Professional PDF Report Binder

Combine PDFs, Documents and Images into one PDF

  • Transform complex document structures into an indexed PDF Binder
  • Share your Binders in the Cloud
  • Password protect and secure your work
  • Store your documents for as long as you like

Until I found Compozr, successful sharing of a pack of documents relied on the ability of recipient to retrieve the content.

Paul Southerland

PDF Distribution Cloud

Share Stacks of Documents without Bandwidth Overhead

  • Store your bundles in the cloud
  • Distribute your PDFs from the cloud
  • View shared Binders without the need to download big documents
  • Reduce bandwidth costs
  • Increase document security
  • PDF PermaLinks always show your latest version¬†

Fully functional access

Free Beta With Full Support

Get going with the Compozr App now! 


Comparison against some popular competitors

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